Quality policy

Our Quality Policy

CORIS BANK INTERNATIONAL Mali intends to be spontaneously and permanently recognized as the bank that offers the best and the most to all interested parties, and to confirm its values ​​of Trust, Originality, Responsibility, Integrity and Sociability on the Malian market.
This vision is essentially based, on the one hand, on a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 reference system promoting the planning, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement of process performance, and on the other hand on its ambitious strategic orientations, the main objectives of which are as follows:
  • staff and capacity building;
  • the deployment of an attack strategy by the Sales and Diaspora Department;
  • the deployment of an effective marketing strategy;
  • diversification of bank products and sources of financing;
  • strengthening the internal control system;
  • the strengthening of technological and IT solutions;
  • credit risk control.
From these strategic objectives, derive the quality objectives assigned to the various processes of the bank for the continuous improvement of performance. To achieve the desired results, an environment conducive to excellence must be created and nurtured. To this end, I undertake to:
  • be the guarantor of the success of our quality management system;
  • develop strong leadership so that the Bank’s values ​​are shared by all my employees;
  • establish and strengthen within the Bank a culture of risk, customer orientation, performance and continuous improvement;
  • set up and adapt a physical and technical system to meet the security challenges;
  • make available all the resources necessary to achieve the quality objectives;
  • ensure the effectiveness of our quality management system and its permanent adaptation to new challenges
I invite all our employees and partners to take ownership of this Quality Policy and to commit alongside us in the permanent quest for excellence.

The Director General